An easy exercise for overcoming fears

May 12, 2018 | Confidence, Emotions, Mind and psychology, Personal Development

Are you afraid that something bad can happen to you?

I grew up with different fears and even at school I often had stomach aches and went home earlier.  Now, 40 years later, I understand that everything we fear from, we attract in our lives. When we focus on something most of our day, whatever it is, we attract it.

When we focus on our fears, we give them the energy to be materialized. We start vibrating at the frequency of these fears and this is what we send out to the Universe. This way we manifest everything we fear of.

Here is one simple exercise, which will help you find your fears and eliminate them, so that you can make way for your dreams to manifest in your life.

Take a pen and a piece of paper, sit down comfortably and write down all the fears the come to your mind. Complete the sentence:

  • I am afraid that … (Example: I will never be rich.)
  • I am afraid that … (Example: I am not good enough at my job and my boss will fire me.)
  • I am afraid that … (Example: I will always be overweight.)

The last one is one of my personal fears.

Now write down three reasons “why” for each of the fears. (For example, why I will never be rich, why am I not good enough at my job, why will I always be overweight, etc.)

Here is my personal example with being overweight:

  • Reason 1: My mother is overweight, and women become like their mothers.
  • Reason 2: Whatever diet I try, it doesn’t work.
  • Reason 3: My weight is going up every year

When you are ready, write down 5 facts that will crash down this belief.


  • For 20 years I have been as slim as 54 kg., no matter that my mother has been overweight, so now I can be slim, too.
  • When I started jogging, I saw my body getting tighter and slimmer.
  • When I do the moon diet, and I have only water in the day of the first moon quarter, I lose weight.

And so on. When you focus your mind on looking for proof your fears are not true, I guarantee you it will find such proof. Whatever we focus our mind on, it finds it.

So write down 5 facts, proving your reasons wrong.

Once you are done, close your eyes and imagine what you want has already happened. (For example – being slim and having a tight beautiful body, being rich, being the best at your job and doing wat you love for a living, etc.) Imagine how happy you are and this gives you energy to achieve even bigger results. You are very self-confident. Everybody likes you and appreciates you.

Do this exercise with at least 10 fears and also do it every time a new fear shows up in your mind.  Whenever you realize there is a fear inside of you, eliminate it right away, because it can ruin your life.

Remember – the purpose of your mind is to be right, not to make you happy. That’s why check for new fears often and take action for it right away.

Oh, there’s a fear.

  • Hello fear, how are you? I will now eliminate you. 🙂

Do this like an amusing game, and this way the results and the process itself will be magical.

Wishing you a magical day.

Evelina from Successful Start

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