Change your state of mind in 2 minutes

May 23, 2018 | 30 days of live videos, Business, Confidence, News

30 days of live videos – Day 7

What is that thing that literally changes the chemicals in your brain for 2 minutes? It rearranges the quantities of hormones and influences your whole state. This is your body. And in this video we show you how to use it, to change your reality.

Your body has a direct connection to your brain. If you do something with your body, your brain makes changes to adjust to it.

It is the same principle, we used in the laughter session in Day 5. When you imitate laughter with your body, the brain creates the emotion, and you start laughing genuinely, without needing any reason for it.

If you smile with no reason, believe me, your brain will get hard to work to find the reason. This is why, if you just smile, you will find plenty of reasons to do so, and you will actually become so much happier.

When your body posture is often bent down, looking downwards, spine shrunk, etc. you will create such emotions that correspond to your body – being unconfident, feeling shame, guilt, fear and uncertainty.

What is the so called power pose? A power pose is a position of your body, where you take as much space as possible – hands up or on the waist, spine straight, feet stepping firmly on the ground.

When you stay in a power pose for 2 minutes, the chemistry in your brain changes – you become more confident, your mood improves, you have higher self-esteem, and you are certain and ready to take action.

You can think of other body positions for other purposes, as well. Watch the video to see us show some examples.

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