Having fun can help you realize all your dreams

May 17, 2018 | 30 days of live videos, Emotions, News, Personal Development

30 days of live videos – Day 1

We celebrated our official launch with the start of 30-days of live videos, 400 likes on our brand new Facebook page and some smoothies. πŸ™‚

We are very excited here at Successful Start and we want to thank you – our fans, our first members, everyone who is watching us and our first supporters. Thank you so much for the positive feedback and making us even more motivated to give our heart and soul for you – our WINNERS.

Thank you!!! <3

In our first video we talked about how important it is to have fun when you want to achieve something. Because emotions are a huge accelerator of everything we do, think or say. Emotions are our driver and our guidance system.

But what emotions to have for something is in most cases a decision we have to take. And we can choose to have fun and experience joy, even if we are facing something difficult or not so pleasant.

In the video we are giving some ideas on how you can turn things around and make even unpleasant things or things that seem difficult feel like fun.

Watch the videΠΎ to learn:

  • How I lost 10 kg (22 pounds) for 3 months while having lots of fun.
  • How you can turn boring studying or work to fun
  • A great idea if you are having an unpleasant conversation with your boss (or anyone actually)

We will be really happy if you share your own ideas in the comments.

  • What difficult situations did you have today?
  • What are your ideas to make them more fun?
  • What was the result?
  • Can we help with more ideas for specific tough situations in your life?

Comment below and we will be happy to get creative together with you.

Share the article and the video, so that we can help more people have fun and achieve things with lightness in their lives.

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