How to be happy even when you are sad

May 28, 2018 | 30 days of live videos, Emotions, Personal Development

30 days of live videos – Day 12

Did you know that your emotions have a basic, absolute state, and a surface constantly changing state? The base that you have might be of love, happiness or joy, but it also might be of stress, depression or just “fine”. Watch the video to see how to create a positive base.

If your regular state when there are no other emotions is “I’m fine”, most probably you are neglecting what you are not happy about and you have accepted some circumstances you are not happy with.

If your regular state is “I’m under stress” most probably you have created a base of stress in your life and everything seems stressful to you.

If you are usually sad or depressed, then this is most probably your regular state you go back to, when there are no other emotions currently.

However, you can have a regular state, or a “Base” of happiness, or of love, or of joy, or whatever wonderful emotion you choose.

And this way, even if there are other emotions emerging on the surface, like fear, or anger, or sadness, you will be aware of them, and you will be aware that they will pass and you are actually happy underneath it all.

When there is a negative emotion, I don’t fight it. I just say to myself: “OK, I give myself the freedom to be sad for a while. I know that this is only temporary and soon it will pass, and I am still happy. It’s just OK to be sad for a while.”

When I do that, instead of fighting the negative emotion, it passes away very very quickly. And I am happy even when I am sad, because I am conscious that sadness is temporary and I deliberately let myself go through it.

Try to deliberately create a base of happiness. Remember a super happy moment at least 10 times a day and get into that emotion, live it, be in it. This is a habit. And the more often you train it, the sooner you will create this habit for happiness. And you will be happy, no matter what happens on the surface.

Try it yourself and let us know how you feel in the comments.

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