Let go of negative emotions

May 18, 2018 | 30 days of live videos, Emotions, News, Personal Development

30 days of live videos – Day 2

Hey, amazing rock stars! Yesterday was the second day of our launch celebration with 30 days of live videos. And video number 2 was with a very special, easy and fun exercise to help you get rid of negative emotions.

This exercise uses the 4 elements – Water, Air, Earth and Fire. It involves moving your body, getting your imagination to work, and even if it looks too easy and funny, it is super effective.

This exercise helps me a lot when an unwanted emotion shows up, so I wanted you to have it as a tool.

Have a look at the video to see exactly how you can do this exercise. It takes no more than 10 minutes, but it will make you feel so relieved and light after that. You will see how easily you can let go of these negative emotions that bother you.

Don’t forget to have fun with it. Do the exercise several times or several days in a row if the negative emotions persist.

Let us know in the comments how it worked for you.

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