Do you know why it is so important to love yourself? If you do not love yourself, you become an empty glass, you drain yourself, and sooner or later you will simply have nothing more to give. If you love yourself and give to yourself first, you become a full glass and love naturally flows through you and from you to others. You are full of love and you give without effort.

Here are three magical exercises that will help you love yourself and become a full glass overflowing with love and naturally giving.

Exercise 1

This is a meditation-like exercise that will help you fill every cell of your body with love. It is one of the easiest ways to find out what loving yourself means and how it feels. Even people that share it is very difficult for them to love themselves are able to feel the love with this exercise.

Exercise 2

You are enough! We are very often trained to believe we are not good enough. This is something we constantly see and hear since childhood. This exercise combines body movement, affirmations and emotions to help you feel you are enough, and keep that feeling with you.

You were born good enough! Click here to see the full exercise.

“Why didn’t you do it this way?”

“Look at how good this other boy/girl is. Why can’t you be like him/her?”

“You need to be the best to succeed.”

“You need to have better grades at school.”

And so it goes… If you compete and don’t win, you’re no one. If you compete and win, there are other competitions. And you can never be good enough.

This is so wrong!!!

You were born good enough! You have always been enough! And you will always be enough!

Because we are made so that we always do our best. In every situation. Even if it is not much, we are doing our best for the given moment.

And it has been proven that under everything we do, every action, every thought, every word, lies a good intention.

So you are enough!!! You have always been enough! And you will always be enough!

And this is an affirmation.

Here is the exercise:

When you wake up in the morning, stand in a powerful pose – with your arms lifted or on your sides, taking as much space as possible. You can also jump several times while you do the exercise. You need to move your body or at least be in a power position where you feel strength and vitality.

Once you do that, try to bring in you an emotion of excitement, enthusiasm, love, joy and passion for life. Feel excited for what you are doing, for the new day starting, for anything you can think of. Be grateful, loving life. If you can’t bring the emotions easily, use your imagination. Ask yourself: “What would it be if I knew that this is going to be the most amazing and magical day in my life?”

Once you are in the power pose and you have the emotions, say to yourself (or even shout it out loud if this is possible) 3 times:

I am enough! I have enough! I have always been enough! And I will always be enough!

I am enough! I have enough! I have always been enough! And I will always be enough!

I am enough! I have enough! I have always been enough! And I will always be enough!

Whenever you have a moment during the day – repeat this to yourself 3 times.

If you do this 10 times every day, you will see wonderful results in the next 15-30 days.

You will have more energy, and you will start thinking and reacting differently in situation where you felt guilty, misunderstood, or wrong in any way.

Get ready for amazing discoveries and magical days!

Exercise 3

Do something special for yourself at least once a week. You need to show yourself that you are loved. So do something that will help you feel loved often, to keep the momentum going. It can be anything that makes you feel special. Below you can download a file with 35 ideas of things you can do for yourself to feel loved. Don’t forget to have fun and get creative while thinking of your own special ideas. 🙂

We would love to hear from you in the comments. Let us know how the exercises worked for you, and what have you found.

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