Protect yourself from negative energy

Jul 17, 2018 | 30 days of live videos, Energy, Personal Development

30 days of live videos – Day 21

Are there negative people around you and do you feel bad after having a conversation with them? Do you think you have people around you who rob your energy? As you know we are influenced by friends, clients and partners.

You have most probably heard stories about energy vampires and that when you are in a crowd your aura is polluted with other people’s negative energies. There are many methods to protect yourself from negative energies of others, but there is one way that unifies them all and has the best effect.

Some time ago, I used to try different protections with my mind, like surrounding myself with light, or creating an energy shield with my thoughts. But after a while I always forgot about them, and then again I felt tired and with low energy.

As we have seen in the video for the power of focus and the right state of mind, you create your reality, by using your own focus and intentions.

This is why your intention is the most powerful thing. The reality bends according to your intentions and focus.

Whatever other strategies you apply – surrounding yourself with golden light, covering yourself with an energy shield, putting on a protection mantle and so on – your intention is the leading force.

But it is not just thinking – I need to be protected. It is knowing with absolute certainty that you are fully and completely protected. Because you simply create this when you are certain it is already happening. Do not hope for it, do not believe in it, do not try it, just KNOW it.

It is your free will.

We have our free will and the Universe always responds to it. So you can just say the following as an affirmation:

I, (your name), declare that my free will requires me to be protected and in complete harmony with myself and others. May the Universe (God) take care of me and never allow me to be hurt consciously or unconsciously. I revoke all and any maledictions, attachments and possesions that might have been directed to me. I enjoy a free, happy and fulfilled life, because this is my free will. And it is!

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