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Jun 2, 2018 | 30 days of live videos, Meditation, Personal Development

30 days of live videos – Day 17

Maybe you’ve heard the story for the teacher, who told his student: “You have to meditate for 30 minutes every day.” The student replied: “Oh, I don’t have so much time every day”. Then the teacher said: “In this case, you have to meditate for 1 hour every day.” 🙂

The idea of meditation though is not to stay in one place all day long with crossed legs and stare in one point. The idea is each and every thing that we do, to become meditation. It is not at all necessary to be in complete silence or our body to be completely without motion. Every moment of our day can be a meditation moment. Of course, this comes with practice.

It is much better to meditate more times for a shorter time, then one time per day for a longer time. For example, it is better to meditate for 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening, rather than just 30 minutes in the morning. The reason is it is much harder to keep our mind calm and focused for a longer time, especially if we are just starting to meditate regularly.

This is why I invented the 3-minute meditation, which is super effective and takes just … well 3 minutes. 🙂

Minute 1: Intention

If you have not formulated your intention yet, watch the video for affirmations from yesterday here. You will see some examples and the simple rules for an effective affirmation. You can use the same principles to formulate your intention.

Let’s continue with minute 1. The first thing you need to do once you start your meditation is to calm down your mind. The easiest way to do that is when you focus on your physical senses. For example focus on your breathing, or start listening for sounds around you, but without thinking where they are coming from. Just register a given sound and go on to the next one you can hear. In the same way you can look for fragrances, or feelings for touch – the touch of your clothes to your skin, the touch of the chair you are sitting on or the ground, your lips touching each other, your closed eyelids, the touch of the air to your skin, etc. The purpose is to stop your internal dialogue and focus on feelings rather than specific thoughts. Try it and you will soon find out that it only takes a few seconds.

When your mind is calmed down repeat your intention 3 times. And in the end say to yourself: „This is my intention!“

Minute 2: Clear mind

Try to clear your mind from any thoughts. If thoughts appear, focus on the pauses between them. Relax your mind, relax your head, your face, every single muscle. With every breath and every exhale relax even more and clear your mind even more. You can do a few deep breaths, inhale and exhale. If it is too difficult and there are constantly different thoughts coming, ask yourself the question „Where will my next though come from?“ This question usually creates a pause before the next though comes. Observe the pause and see what will happen to your thoughts. Whatever happens in your mind and your body, just observe it. There is no purpose, just enjoy the moment. The moment you can stop for a while, give your mind some rest and relax. Enjoy the moment in which you do not need to do anything. When it happens you will feel relief and goodness, tranquility and inner piece. The feeling is unique for everyone, but it is usually very very pleasant.

Minute 3: Vortex

Imagine your intention is already realized. As clear as you can, with the help of your imagination, bring the feeling you know you will have once you have achieved what you want. You don’t need to imagine any details or visualize any images. Just bring the emotion itself, the true feeling this is already happening.

This is not some transitory feeling caused by imagining you have something. It is a thorough feeling and knowing that you already ARE, that this IS your life NOW, this HAS already happened, you ARE it and it is a part of you. What is the feeling? It can be happiness, fulfillment, peace and tranquility, safety, love, gratitude, joy…. you perfectly know exactly what it is.

You will know you have succeeded if you spontaneously start to smile or even laugh loudly. You might even start crying, but happy tears. Because you literally create the vortex of what you want inside of you and around you. This is why it is a vortex. This is the fastest way to create something – when you create the thorough feeling for it. Because this is the end result you want, right? To feel in a specific way. Not just to have something, but the way it will make you feel. To BE. This is the idea. To become one with what you want, to literally become it.

In this last minute it is not necessary to stay without moving. You can feel an urge to move. To laugh, to stretch your hands up, to change your posture, to caress your face…. Whatever it is, follow it freely. The movement makes the vibrations complete, because in this state you feel the pure vibration and you are in harmony with it. That’s why, if you feel like moving or doing something, just do it.


ATTENTION: It is possible for this not to be your thing. If it is not your thing, in most cases you will sense that in Minute 1 – the intention. If you feel that something doesn’t fit, change it right away. Change your intention and tweak it, until you feel it perfectly fits with your being in this current moment.

Very often we can want something, because someone else wants it for us, or because we have seen someone else doing or having it. But these are not our things. Your thing is always unique and only for you. If your desire does not come from your soul, but from your mind, during the meditation you will feel you need to change it. Sometimes it can be a complete change and in other cases it can be just fine tuning. Follow your inner senses.


This meditation can truly help you manifest your desires and it works in a very interesting way.

I’ve done it many times and I can say that it always works, but never in the way we expect it to. So stop worrying about “how exactly” it will happen. Just create the vibration and accept it. That’s all you need to do.

After the meditation you will feel wonderful, like flying and flowing with happiness. This is the sign that you did it right.

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