30 days of live videos – Day 18

Have you practiced forgiveness? Did you know that when you forgive, this is the easiest way for your brain to start operating at alpha brain waves, which is like a state of deep meditation?

Alpha brain waves are associated with problem solving abilities of the brain. They help for calming and centered emotions and increased creativity.  Alpha brain waves are considered the healthiest and the safest of brain waves and also reduce anxiety.

Nothing releases more alpha brain waves than forgiveness.

This is why today we are offering you a great exercise for forgiveness, which will help you know when you have truly forgiven.

Remember a situation when someone did something wrong to you. Someone said something that you felt wasn’t fair, a friend made something that made you feel betrayed, someone you depend on offended you….

It might be difficult in the beginning to even remember such a situation, but keep looking, as we normally berry these things deep into our subconscious mind. Look even into your child memories. Maybe your parents punished you for something you didn’t do, maybe a teacher embarrassed you… There are usually lots of things that we suppress, because they are painful. But once you start remembering them, it will become easier and easier.

When you truly forgive, this situation will no longer stay in your subconscious mind and bother you. Because such suppressed things do influence us and all of our emotions and reactions in the now, even if they happened years ago.

Once you remember such situation, imagine the person who did wrong to you. Imagine you are standing together and give yourself the freedom to express all your feelings. You can say things like: “How could you do this to me?!” “How could you say such a thing for me in front of everyone?!” “You should be ashamed!” “You are not fair!” and so on. Express your emotions, but do not continue for more than one minute, because you don’t want to go too deep in the negative emotions.

Once you are done, try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Try to understand why they did what they did. And then tell them in your imagination that you understand them. You can say things like: “I can see now that you had no other choice.” “I understand that you felt so bad about this.” “I know you were in a terrible situation yourself.” And so on, depending on the situation.

When you are ready, and you feel you understand them, tell them you forgive them and make a gesture of forgiveness. It might be a handshake, a hug, a kiss, whatever you feel is good for this person.

And finally turn inside, turn to your soul and ask yourself: “Am I done?”

If you have truly forgiven, you will feel very deep emotions and usually you will start crying.

If you don’t have any emotions in this moment, or if your emotions are not very strong, then you have not truly forgiven and you need to repeat the exercise for the same situation.

Once you are truly done with a specific situation, the next day you can do the exercise for another situation in your life.

Here is my secret that I found while doing this exercise.

I am never truly done, before I forgive myself.

In every situation, where we blame someone for doing something wrong to us, we also blame ourselves. This might sound strange, but as we know the world around us is a reflection of our inner world.

This is why, always end the exercise by forgiving yourself as well. Give yourself some love and a gesture of forgiveness.

I guarantee you that in this moment you will feel very deep, shattering emotions, and your soul will show you that you have truly forgiven.

When I do this, I usually have tears in my eyes. And this is how I know that I have truly forgiven – the other person and myself.

Let us know if you have any question and how the true forgiveness makes you feel in the comments.

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