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May 26, 2018 | 30 days of live videos, Meditation, News, Personal Development

30 days of live videos – Day 10

How often do you meditate? Do you meditate at all? Everybody knows how beneficial meditation is. And still many people are not meditating. Why? Because they think they need to set a specific time for meditation, being quiet and standing still. But there are so many forms of meditation.

You can meditate while walking. You can meditate while driving or travelling somewhere. You can meditate while taking a shower or while cooking. There are so many different forms of meditation.

So try it out today. You have no excuse. There is no need to stand still or spend 30 minutes a day doing nothing else but meditating.

There are so many things that we do every day on auto pilot. They do not occupy our brain and we can use them for meditation time.

Walking is a wonderful form of meditation, because when you walk, your steps form a specific rhythm.  This rhythm calms your brain and relaxes you, clears you from stress and hectic thoughts. This is why during a walk you can find answers to difficult questions, you can come up with ideas and solutions to problems and you can receive specific information and bursts of intuition.

Pay attention and write down what come to your mind while walking.

Do it at least once a week for 30 minutes and you will be relieved from stress and feel really refreshed, and who knows – you might come up with a million dollar idea. 🙂

You do not need to be in the mountain to do that. You can take a walk in the center of your city, in a close by park or lake, in your neighborhood, or walk to your office. You can use all types of ideas.

Let us know how you felt during your walking meditation and what ideas did you come up with in the comments.

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